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Welcome to Darling Range Dexter


Darling Range Dexter stud was founded by Rose and Matthew Stevens with help from our son Ben in 2005.

In 2004 we moved to the lush South West of Western Australia where we were located next to the Darling Ranges in Harvey Western Australia but an increasing addiction to Dexter cattle forced us to move so we could expand and develop our herd. We started off by buying a few unregistered Dexter's but  mid 2009 we saw an opportunity to move to Victoria to a larger property in Balmattum North East of Euroa Victoria Australia. This gave us the ability to run a greater number of animals and also finish off our cattle longer and to a better standard.

We have a real passion for Dexter Cattle and spend hours training and just being with them, enjoying their company and enhancing their already easy care nature. Along with interest in our own herd we have been active in our association and have in the past had regular input in our national Dexter magazine.

Our breeding direction has resulted in a consistently deep bodied and structurally sound animal with emphasis on natural polling.

We have developed a Paddock to plate philosophy with a passion for ethically raised animals. We only sell our best quality as registered animals for stud and the rest are sold as pets or for beef production, and maintain a grass fed only beef component. We use minimal medicine and chemicals and natural fertilizer to ensure a clean healthy animal every time. We do not use artificial Hormones except in Artificial Insemination.

We love to share our passion for Dexter's and sustainable ethical farming and invite you to spend time looking at our site and feel free to contact us or arrange a stud visit any time.


A Cow called Hathor

It all started when we bought a 25 acre property in Harvey Wa 18/4/05. We had too much grass and nothing to eat it apart for 6 sheep (a big ask for 6 sheep).So we thought, we want to be self sufficient so why don’t we get some cows even though we have no experience with farming (you have to start somewhere).I wanted small cows as I would be handling them myself (as Matt works away). We picked up a quokka (a WA trading newspaper) we saw an advert for Dexter cows for sale with a local breeder; I went to look without much enthusiasm (I did not realize the potential of the breed). We brought several grade cows as unregisted as it was just going to be some cows for the family’s meat production. But within weeks things had changed considerably they had gone from being just some cows to a major addiction, so we worked out a deal with the breeder to get some of the cows reregisted.One of those cows was Tanah Kanan Hathor, a cow that was so smart she helped me train the whole herd, she understood what I wanted and she would call the other cows and get them to do what I wanted, it didn’t take them long to catch on. She taught me so much she had personality plus she liked to pretend she was a tough nut but she was really all bluff although she really did not like men much she seemed to like being very difficult if a man had the gall to want her to do something.There was one funny day when Hathor had pink eye, we had friends over and the men said” we will bring her in” when I tried to protest I was shut down “no we can do it” so I said “ok” knowing full well they would not be able to bring her in. I was laughing as she had them running around and around that paddock. After a few minutes I decided she had had enough fun for one day, so I walked to the gate yelled out “come on Hathor lets go” and she ran out the gate and walked with me up to the crush as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth leaving the guys doubled over puffing in the paddock. Another cow from the same lot was Yasmin the sweetest cow you could ever meet she brought her calf up to me to meet it she took great pride in introducing us. We ended up selling most of those cows on so we had all registed animals one was Stoney brook Tracy a very passionate girl she loves attention she got so used to me being there all of the time and when I was not there for her calving as usual  she yelled at me. When I finally made my way out to paddock and she continued to yell at me until I had met her calf and congratulated her on her good work. At the same time we bought a bull called Cresthill Tullamore to sookiest bull ever he made a deal with my 5 year old son he would walk up to the gate so Ben could climb onto his back and scratch him. We are so addicted we moved 50 head of cows from Wa to a 100 acre in central Victoria. I now have paddocks full of Black, Red and Dun sooks and never have to round them up all I have to do is call and they come running. Through all of this we have gotten to meet many people who love dexters from all different walks of life. All thanks to a cranky old cow called Hathor who I miss dreadfully.  


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