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Heifers For Sale


 Please contact us for pictures of Heifers we have for sale.



       Please Note


NAME: Darling Range Love Lee

DOB:               1/6/15

COLOUR:         Heterozygous Red wild red


HORN: Homozygous double polled/Heterzygous single polled

GRADE:           Purebred

HERDBOOK:   Can be Registered DNA

CHONDRODYSPLASIA: Non Carrier (Longleg)

PHA:                Free by inheritance


Dam Ozziggy Emma 45620 Sire Darling Range Junior Burger 82440 or Jedi Knight 82439 NS

A quality beefy young heifer with a calm nature. Potentially all her offspring may not grow any horns even when bred with a horned bull. 

For Sale $1200.


Please contact us for reservation from next calving.

Calving is starting 23/9/16. Weaning will happen 6 months from calving.


If you would like any animals that are unregistered sold as registered then please add $150. to the price for DNA testing and registration. Plus you would need to become a registered Dexter Cattle Australia member incurring yearly membership costs.




Congratulations to Paul McNaughton and Emily Bourne for the purchase of your 2 new Darling Range Dexter heifers Levi Jean and Llewellyn Behold for your new Dexter Stud