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Semen Sales & AI Bulls

Darling Range Dexter's are seeking expressions of interest in Limited semen shares in:

Rawings Coppertop



DOB:        14/7/07

COLOUR: Homozygous Red Bull 

HORN:      Heterozygous single polled/scurred 

GRADE:    Purebred

Herd book 81931           DNA 139008

CHONDRODYSPLASIA: Non Carrier (Longleg) Height 115cm 

PHA          free by inheritance

A2 TESTED: Not tested but most likely A1/A2    

Dam Rawlings Absolute Gem 43852 Sire Kirup Park Apple Jack 81544 NS

Classified VG 85 VG 13 VG 13 VG 13 Vg 13 VG 13 

He was a healthy quality stocky bull with a calm nature. He comes from a very fertile and good udder line. A proven breeder. He produces quality offspring. 

DCAI registered Packages available of 30 straws per share $40. & GST per straw plus a $25. handling fee and freight costs if applicable 

Unregistered $27.50 including GST per straw plus a $25. handling fee and freight fees if applicable





This agreement is between Matthew Stevens and Rosemary Mayne (The Sellers)




______________________________________________________________(The purchaser)


To purchase a semen share in Rawlings Coppertop a scurred single polled red longleg bull DCAI 81931, DNA case number 139008, Tattoo MMR C123, DOB 14/7/07 who has been PHA Free by Inheritance.


The seller agrees to provide to the purchaser__________straws of frozen semen being the agreed number of straws at a cost of $__________. per straw.


The seller will retain a one quarter (¼) share of the bull.


The seller will not sell more than 3 additional shares, making each shareholder a one quarter (¼ ) shareholder irrespective of the number of straws purchased. The seller will be responsible for advising DCAI of multiple ownership of the bull.


The seller agrees that they will not have the bull placed on the DCAI Accredited AI Sire List.


The seller will not collect further semen. 


The purchaser does not have the option to purchase additional straws of semen as the seller will not be required to collect further semen due to disposal of the bull.


The purchaser agrees that they will not use the semen for the creation of embryos and that all calves sired by Rawlings Coppertop must be registered under the semen owner’s stud. All semen sold comes only with one registration per straw for example 30 registrations for 30 straws.


The purchaser retains the right to on sell the semen which is excess to their requirements without prejudice, with the share being transferred to new ownership in its entirety, they forfeit their rights to register progeny from this bull ten months after the date of transfer. The purchaser agrees to notify DCAI of the sale of semen to the new owners. 


The purchasers agree to pay all transport costs once the semen is available from the collection. All Insurances are the purchasers responsibility.




_________________________________      ________________________________


Matthew Stevens                                           Rosemary Mayne


                                                            (The Sellers)




_________________________________      ________________________________


                                                            (The purchasers)








Number of Straws              Cost per straw                     Total of 1 share 


30                                            $40. + GST                               $1320. + freight+handling


                                                                                                Unregistered no share


1                                              $27.50 including GST              + freight+handling


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