Dexter Cattle
posted by:Rose Mayne
Jan 23, 2019

Organic Food-Why natural is better

Australia's CSIRO has undertaken a number of tests on vegetables. Tomato plants grown organically were found to contain twice the phosphorus, 300% more potassium, 500% more calcium, 600% more cobalt, boron and sodium, 1200% more magnesium, 5300% more copper, 6800% more manganese and 19300% more iron than chemically fed plants. This is even greater when plants are grown on composted soil. The CSIRO states that organic food is better for you because the nutrients it contains are present in greater amounts and are of higher quality, are better absorbed by the body, and are present in the right proportions for healthy growth. 50kg of soil that the micro organisms and earthworms have been killed by chemicals and sprays cannot hold more than 30 litres of water, but 50kg of living soil filled with humus can hold 195 litres of water. All food grown on this kind of soil definitely has a much more delicious flavour. This also translates to animals grown on living soil as long as nutrient needs are satisfied. Australias soil tends to be lacking in minerals so I make up a Pat Colby mineral mix and make it available for my animals year round.

Dexter Produce Beef

25kg dolomite

4kg copper sulphate

4kg fine yellow sulphur

4kg or more seaweed meal  

Using minerals like this reduces the need for vets as they are healthier and help keeps them resistant to parasites and illnesses.  

There are many additives in commercial foods and cosmetics that are toxic to our health and many foods are lacking in essential nutrients for optimal health. This means it is not possible to get all the nutrients we need for optimal physical and mental health from the foods we eat. We can prevent most illnesses by good balanced nutrition. Cravings are our bodies’ way of telling us we need minerals. We need over 90 essential nutrients and it is the same for our animals also. All plants take up carbon from the air and minerals from the soil, most soils in Australia and many other countries have been depleted of minerals over the years. Commercial fertilizers put a few minerals back into the soil that grows the plants but not all the minerals needed for optimal animal and human health. Commercial fertilizers are not a balanced mineral input and can lock up other minerals compounding the mineral defiency. Plants convert metallic minerals (ground rock) into a colloidal form. Colloidal minerals are processed from plants and are 98% absorbable for both us and our animals unlike metallic minerals which cannot be absorbed efficiently if at all. Supermarket commercial beef is often finished on feed grain with added vitamins and minerals for good nutrition but for only a month or two to get the most size quickly and ultimately the most dollars. Growers are not paid on taste or marbling or nutrient density. Cattle produce the best and healthiest beef being grass fed with access to suitable nutrient, If you wish to invest in your health you need to grow your own meat, vegetables and fruit and supplement your nutrition for your own edible plants and animals with minerals or supplement yourself with colloidal minerals.

Dexter Cattle

Dexter cattle are small, friendly and efficient ancient Irish breed of cattle decedents from the Celtic mountain cattle or Kerry cattle and are the only naturally occurring small breed of cattle. Over the centuries these hardy little beasts have lived in close harmony with their masters. Used for Meat, Milk and farm work. 

Dexter Produce Beef

They were considered to be a poor mans cow but they became the rich and powerful man's cow they were even owned by Royalty.

Often In the freezing snow covered highlands of Ireland during winters the house cow would be kept in the hut with its owner safe-guarding it and their valuable milk supply.

In the world of today we covert them for their great feed conversion and easy manageability along with companionship and their quality produce.

They are creatures of habit enjoying the security of routine, if they know what you want they are generally more cooperative especially if there is food involved.