Dexter Cattle Australia Inc.
posted by:Rose Mayne
May 22, 2019

Why become a member?

We chose to become members of the DCAI as we felt there was a need to participate in the development and promotion of the Dexter breed in Australia.

The association has just over three hundred members at this time with a big loss in members in part due to relentless drought and then savage flooding, this combined with many of the older members retiring to small homes in towns and raising of the costs of living in this country, all having contributed to a sharp fall in members of late. Some members also cannot see the value of being registered for just a couple of cows. But it is about the presevation of quality of this unique and versitile, underestimated breed for the future.

We are seeing an increase in the tree change movement and an increase in Dexter sales for commercial and private use.

However we believe that to be a member of the association offers great benefits, including the access to lots of members in your own state that hold a wealth of experience and knowledge with Dexter's and farming alike.

We also believe in the preservation of our national herd and wish to help it grow and prosper, being registered allows us to register our own cattle under our stud name and keep the gene pool of quality Dexter's growing for future generations.

At present the DCAI offer access to the members web site that has useful info and 
Animal pedigree information available.

They also offer a national publication around twice a year with special one off publications each year.

You will be assigned to a group that is usually closest to you that is your area promotions group; these people will be of great benefit and a big source of help and information.

Dexter Cattle : Social Events Dexter Cattle : Social Events

Many groups hold field days, social events and breed shows and you may well make some lifelong friends as we have.

We can help with more information and the application forms are available on line through the Dexter Cattle Australia In website.