Dexter Milk
posted by:Rose Mayne
May 10, 2019

Dexter's have sweet creamy milk of high quality that makes good cheese and butter with similar butterfat and protein scores as Jersey's. They don't produce as much in quantity as commercial dairy breeds. They produce around 8 litres on average for a first time calver and it increases over the next three years. Dexter’s were originally considered A2 this means they did not have A1 beta caseins unless the cows ancestry has been out crossed with other breeds like Holstein and Jersey. Australian Dexter’s have been graded up from other breeds to prevent inbreeding. This means we have to use Genetic testing to find out if our animals are A2 it cannot be predicted. It is said that A1 beta caseins make it difficult for the gut to process the milk causing digestive problems in some people.

  • Expected results for Beta caseins in dexter pairings:
  • A2/A2 animal bred with A2/A2 animal=100% A2/A2
  • A2/A1 animal bred with A2/A1 animal=50% A2/A1 25% A2/A2 25% A1/A1
  • A1/A1 animal bred with A1/A1 animal=100% A1/A1 

Dexter Cattle Milk

  • Raw milk which has not been pasteurised is easier to digest, pasteurisation kills bacteria both good and bad as well as any germs but it also makes the particles sharp and stick into the guts wall lining causing digestive problems. People who are lactose intolerant can try keeping symptoms to a minimum by having milk products like natural yogurt and other fermented milk products containing live bacteria.
  • It takes a lot of time and patience to train a cow to be milked, generally from a young age and not all cows take to the idea. It is best if the person who is going to milk the cow trains it, as they need to bond and trust the person milking them. Cows feel very vulnerable being touched as they are prey in the wild and anything can be a predator. When training a cow to milk they need to be trained to a routine as this affects your quantity of milk and benefits the cow in letting down her milk at the same time each day.
  • Short leg Dexter's are a little hard to milk as it is difficult to fit an average bucket under them without getting them to stand on something to prop them up as their is not enough clearance between the udder and the top of the bucket to fit your hands.
  • Please note: Darling Range Dexters offer information and advise only we do not sell milk to the public.