News Autumn 2011

Well what a year 2010 was with 4 times the yearly average in rain.
We lost our fences twice and had to put down our crop to hayliage as we could not get it dry enough for hay as each time it would pour with 25ml or more 5 days after cutting.
But apart from the cost increase to wrap it all we have a great product and lots [575 rolls].
One un-expected turn out is we gained a second and 3rd cut in our 35 acre paddock so we will have some hay after all.
With a second cut in January taking the total for the 55 acres up to 689 rolls and the 3rd cut of almost pure Lucern of 40 rolls we have reserve feed for 4 years and a whopping 700+ rolls for the year.


Ben high on siliage and windrows of Lucern.
The first 2 calf’s came early this year, 4 month early as we believe the 2 cows in question started to cycle just 28 days after they calved down the year before and just 4 weeks before the bull was taken out of the herd.
And for the first time we had Twins. Darlingrange Grenetta and Willow Boy.
The down side is that opposite sex twins often [94% chance] mean that the heifer will be a Freemartin and therefore have undeveloped reproduction tract and un-able to breed, we will get her tested and if she is infertile she will become some ones best mate.
Coppertop is a polled red bull that will supplement our ET, AI program and assist Diggers son Guiness Mist[our new black polled bull] in his follow-up duties in the coming seasons and Blue print Is our new AI bull we own shares in.
bullbull stare
Top is Copper Top bottom is Blueprint
Exciting news for us in the form of a purchase of Rawlings Coppertop and Felicia Belle & Fairy Dust.
new heifersheifer close-up
Felicia is a PB red heifer that will complement our planned breeding program in the next few years and Fairy Dust is Polled pure breed red with great depth.
We have also been spending in WA with the purchase of 4 red polled cows and heifers from Rawlings blood line and out of Blueprint .
So a fair amount of capital has been invested with the hope of supplying the Victorian studs some great red polled lines in a few years.
We believe we have 90% of all red polled Dexters in Victoria and NSW now.
We have been working on supplying Gordon Ramsay’s new Docklands Steak house with Dexter beef and are looking for registered or un registered herd owners in Victoria who can commit to a supply for this exciting venture.
It is our aim to use this to get the Dexter name out into main stream beef buying public, which can only help all of us in the future.
Chef Emiell Is looking to purchase Sides of Dexter beef that are best suited at 24 months and well developed for their top end client’s.
18 month steerDestined for a steak house
Nice 18 month steer destined to Dinners at Gordon Ramsays new Steak house in Docklands and Dexter Fillet Mignon.
We would be happy to assist in any way if you can supply this great venture.
All the best
Matt Stevens

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