News Winter 2012

Cold Winter DayHi all its been as busy as usual at Darlingrange Dexter’s, with calving still going on and removal of the last of the damaged section of the creek fence underway.
Ben and I have also been building a new Duck pen to let the poor chooks have some space to them self.
We had a little prem Bully calf out of one of our girls from WA, Howard I Know! Or Howie for short. Why the name, well Rose went out on a very frosty morning to do her early morning rounds and even earlier than usual as she was woken by a cow bellowing at the house at 4 am. She held off until it was light so as to see what was going on!, as soon as she went out she saw Dianna out the far end of the paddock down near the Trees on her own. Always a sign that something is going on! On arrival Howie was found as a tiny little red shivering ball, un-able to stand or walk. Rose and Ben scooped him up onto the quad bike and straight in front of the fire.
asleep by the campfire

Nights spent laying in front of the fire! 

Howie was not too flash and unable to take a drink as he was just too cold from being out in the torrential rain and wind all night!
Rose and Ben persevered and set too milking Dianna to get the much needed colostrums for Howie. Many days he was put back out with his mum and nights he spent sleeping by the fire. Ben has found his niche with hand milking and made short work of it! Must be all that milk stealing from Dark and stormy ‘his favourite cow’!
Now 2.5 weeks on Howie is full time with his mum and still can run under her belly he is so small.
So why the name Howard I Know? , Rose did not expect him to make it he was so cold and flat that cold wet morning, when she rang me I asked her if he would make it? And her answer was ............
Mum and BabyHow would I know! 2 day old Howie!
Howard is a beautiful solid Red and Polled bull calf from the best of blood lines. He is doing very well and keeps his mum on the edge with his bully boy antics!